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Ph.D. Requirements

The Ph.D. coursework is composed of two parts: the core and specialty areas.  All doctoral students need to take one course in each of the core areas (specific suggested courses are indicated in parentheses). Additionally, students should take one course in three of the six specialty areas. A plan of study submitted to the faculty in advance is needed to make sure that all requirements are met. PhD requirements include 12 credits of dissertation research more than a customary 18 credits of coursework beyond an MS.

Please see this document for Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Information.

Core Areas (compulsory)

  1. Systems (ENSE621 or ENSE622)
  2. Operations Research/Optimization (ENCE603 offered every other fall; or ENCE677 offered every fall)
  3. Sensing and control (ENCE688A)

Speciality Areas (choose 3 courses)

a. Energy Systems (ENCE688)/Environmental Systems (ENCE630,
    ENCE730, AREC785, ENCE688J)

b. Transportation Systems (ENCE688T Transportation Network
    Algorithms and Implementation)

c. Emergency Preparedness/Response and Infrastructure Security
    (ENCE688W, ENCE688V)

d. Civil Information Systems (ENCE 688r)

e. Sustainable Engineering (ENCE688I - Advanced Topics in Civil
    Engineering: Sustainable Transportation)

f. Operations Research/Management Science Methodologies
   (ENCE 722, ENCE 724, ENCE 725, ENME610, ENME625, ENME 608,
   BMGT830, BMGT833, BMGT834, BMGT835)



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